Case Victory: Donna Duso, et al. v. Town Of Groton

Attorney Jacques Parenteau scored a victory recently on the case Donna Duso, et al. v. Town of Groton. The case consisted of several former police officers seeking judgment over a matter of their pensions.

The full memorandum of decision can be read here.

Case Summary

In this case, the plaintiffs ask the court to declare (or officially state) their rights in a dispute with the Town of Groton over medical insurance deductibles. Instead of going to trial, both sides have submitted written statements and exhibits for the court to review. Additionally, both parties have filed legal briefs outlining their arguments.

The crux of the issue is that the plaintiffs claim they are being treated differently than the active duty police officers regarding the town’s contributions to their HSA. The defendant has argued that this contribution level is for active duty officers only, not retirees, as they had a separate previous agreement. They have also said there is no mention of how the deductible will be funded, and they can fund them differently.

After reviewing the case’s facts, the judge decided to rule in favor of the former police officers.

The court ordered the Town of Groton to continue making deductible contribution payments to the plaintiffs, who are retired police officers. The court found that the town had breached its agreement with the pensioners. The papers filed by each party on January 27, 2023, will establish how much money in damages and attorney’s fees each plaintiff is entitled to recover.

While the case started in 2018 and has taken until now to be resolved, it shows what resistance and a skilled attorney can do for you. It may not be easy, but staying the course will often lead to a victory in your case.