What is Workplace Retaliation?

Under federal and state employment law, it is illegal for a Connecticut employer to discriminate against an employee by taking retaliatory measures after he or she flags misconduct or makes a complaint. Employees who do the right thing and report misconduct (sometimes called “whistleblowers”) should not have to pay a price for stepping forward. The […]

What Can Workers Do When Witnessing Workplace Discrimination?

What Can Workers Do When Witnessing Workplace Discrimination? Not only is workplace discrimination illegal in Connecticut – but it’s also illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee who reports it. Yet those who witness workplace discrimination often fail to report it because they are rightly concerned about repercussions if they do. Any employee […]

Wage Theft: What If Your Employer Refuses To Pay?

Wage theft occurs with shocking frequency in industries across the country. It can take many forms; sometimes, the offense is blatant, and other times the victim may be completely unaware of the violation of their rights. Wage theft can range from a complete refusal to pay for hours worked to a small deduction in pay. […]