About Our Firm

The lawyers at Madsen, Prestley & Parenteau have been fighting to protect the rights of employees, executives, and whistleblowers for 20 years. When individuals experience a violation of their rights in the workplace, they contact us to hold their employers accountable and obtain compensation or some other remedy for the harm they have suffered.

We have been successful in obtaining meaningful and significant recoveries for clients in many different types of cases, including for whistleblowers and other individuals who have been subjected to retaliation for exposing or opposing wrongdoing by their employers, victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault or other forms of employment discrimination, workers who have not been paid wages or overtime for the hours that they worked, and employees whose contract rights have been breached. The recoveries that we have obtained for clients include several multi-million dollar verdicts at trial, and many more cases resolved successfully through settlement or severance negotiations.

Unlike many other law firms which practice in several different areas, the lawyers at Madsen, Prestley & Parenteau practice employment law exclusively, and focus their representation on representing individuals and employees. Furthermore, among the law firms in Connecticut which can make that claim, we are one of the largest, which helps to ensure that we have the resources necessary to successfully prosecute lawsuits against large corporations and large law firms which represent employers. Our firm has also been instrumental in advancing employment law in Connecticut through the cases that we have handled, including precedent setting cases before the Connecticut Supreme Court which established the standards for proving employment discrimination in Connecticut, and guaranteed protections under the Connecticut Constitution for employees to speak on matters of significant public concern without suffering retaliation from their employers. We not only have a history of success in litigating employment law cases in Connecticut; our cases have helped to establish the legal standards which protect employees in Connecticut.

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